#WorldEnvironmentDay – 5th June 2020

Through the heartache of all the loss due to Covid-19 there has also been a lot of good to come from locking us down for a period of time.  We have seen pollution levels plummet and companies have saved a lot of money on their travel bills.  This will have led them to question if the travel was required in the first place?  Everyone’s carbon footprint will have improved. 


 It is great that people like Greta Thunberg are now an everyday household name.  She has also inspired the generation below her to be outspoken too and I loved reading about these young eco warriors in India championing World Environment Day.


This is the longest spell I have had at home for circa 10 years.  It has been bliss.  I have already discussed with my clients about the advantage of us having future meetings via video conference and they are all in agreement.  However, I am an individual who gains energy from being with others so this approach will be balanced. I will be more considerate in my actions to support the world we live in.  We have all seen the benefit to the planet recently, let us hope the large corporates can learn from this and change their ways on home working, travelling for meetings that could have been a video call and so on.