Brendon Burchard – I am your social stalker!

I am a huge fan of Brendon.    I follow him on every social media platform he is on.  I complete his planner day and night; so I can set my goals for the day and review my successes at night.  I also do this on a weekly and monthly basis.  I am reading his book High Performance Habits (you can get a free copy here).  So, it is safe to say I am a bit of a fan! 

There are many business coaches out there but what I love about Brendon is that he’s come from nowhere and built his way up.  He speaks about real life matters and the article that called out to me the most was the one about losing his Dad.  I also lost my Dad to an acute leukaemia and it was all too sudden.  Dad played a key role in encouraging me to set up my first business, which I rushed to push live as I knew he would be gone soon.  He died 19 days after that business launched and now the money I was given by my Mum after Dad passed away is now invested in Identify HR.  Even now, I work smart to make him proud.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend a group coaching call ran by someone that Brendon had trained, which then led to a one to one session.  This was a great experience and left me buzzing and keen for more.  More of course comes with a cost.  With the world we currently live in I didn’t feel the time was right to make this level of investment.  I know some would argue that it is absolutely the right time.  However, I am committed to following through on more courses run via Brendon and one day, soon, I will be back for a whole new level of coaching.

The one to one session focussed on the Six Guiding Questions for High Performers; connected to your psychologyphysiology, productivity, persuasion skills, purpose, and presence.  Brendon focusses on leaving you feeling more purposeful and fulfilled, more engaged, joyful, and confident in your life. 

I work on this every day. 

Who or what motivates you to show up as your authentic self and to perform to the best of your abilities?  

I am known for my direct communication style, if you ask me if your bum looks big in something and it does, I will tell you.  If you want me to critique your CV or give you straight talking HR advice, then I would love to connect with you to discuss further.  I am an open networker on LinkedIn, you can connect with me here.

I will leave you with one of his inspirational quotes which seems very relevant to this particular time in life. 

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