Happiness is working with great people

This image was me when I saw Kenny on Monday, in person, for the first time in over 5 months.  Not only were we excited to see each other but we were at the opposite ends of a large boardroom table, so I did feel like I was shouting a little bit too!

The energy we felt at having a business focussed meeting, in person was amazing.  We met for 4 hours and covered a vast array of topics.  It was brilliant.  I also got to meet Kenny’s lovely wife and of course the main man Floki:


I know that video calls will become the norm for many meetings but for my mental well-being and that of my colleagues we will have meetings in person on occasion too.  We are a sociable bunch and actually enjoy each other’s company.

Yesterday, I welcomed Lisa back to the office too. 

The weather on Mull is glorious at present so it was a good time for us to trial this as we can have the office door and window open.  This is also handy as the office has a strong smell of antibacterial cleaning products!   

Have a great weekend everyone.