Keep It Local

My son Connel, loves Saturday football with his friends.  Earlier this year when we lived in a Covid free world, Identify HR decided to sponsor the local football team the Tobermory Rockers.  Their new strips arrived whilst lockdown was in force.  I am not sure that the strip will still fit my son when he gets to back to football, but I am still proud that Identify has supported the local team.


The importance of staying local and supporting local businesses during this time has been at the forefront of my thoughts and the actions that have followed.  I have helped many local businesses for free during this time and will continue to do so. 

I am saddened by all the recent images of mass groups on the beaches across the UK, we need the world to return to work in a safe manner so the economy can start to pick up again.  If people don’t listen, then another lock down will come and what will be the impact to all of us then?

Please stay local, stay safe and help us all get business back.   

#inittogether  #IdentifyTalent #KeepItLocal