Oracle Can Beat Amazon and Microsoft - 10 Reasons Why

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10 Reasons Larry Ellison Believes Oracle Can Beat Amazon and Microsoft 


After several quarters of simply talking about how Oracle will someday become a player in the massive IaaS business, Larry Ellison yesterday offered an extensive list of customer wins that will surely have grabbed the attention of Amazon and Microsoft.


On top of that, Ellison and Oracle CEO Safra Catz also used yesterday’s fiscal-Q4 earnings call to highlight their huge momentum in HCM, soaring revenue growth for Autonomous Database and the possibility that their cloud business could be growing at about 30%.


Bear in mind The Law of the Cloud: get as big as you can as fast as you can in as many layers of the cloud as you can. For Oracle, while its SaaS business has become quite significant, the company had little or nothing to offer in IaaS and only fragmented pieces in PaaS.


That’s all begun to change—dramatically—with its Gen2 OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) and Autonomous Database. And in yesterday’s call, Oracle for the first time released a bit of detail about the revenue growth—and potential—for those two cornerstone cloud products.


Highlights from Larry Ellison and Safra Catz


“We’re thrilled that once companies see our differentiated OCI technology, they become believers,” Catz said on the call.


“This is evidenced by the fact that annualized consumption revenue for Gen 2 OCI grew over 140% in Q4. By the way, the ACR for Autonomous Database grew nearly 70% in Q4.”


For Oracle, this broad-based growth across all three layers of the cloud—SaaS, PaaS and IaaS—means that as customers engage with Oracle for any one of those three segments, Oracle has an ideal opportunity to show how its other cloud offerings can drive additional business value.


In that way, Oracle’s fast-growing Fusion SaaS apps become one of the top sales tools for its OCI and Autonomous Database, and vice-versa.


That’s exactly what Microsoft has done in addressing all facets of what CEO Satya Nadell calls the “digital estates” of customers: not just low-priced IaaS but also platform services from integration to databases, and SaaS applications to support modern digital business processes.


So, from yesterday’s call, here are 10 reasons why Oracle leaders Ellison and Catz are so bullish—and have the evidence to back up that talk—about the Oracle cloud.