Values principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life.” 

Source: google dictionary.


I was recently asked by a not for profit organisation to help them bring to light their company values by “interviewing” their team.  This came about when I was supporting them on another project, and I asked them “what are your company values”?  There was a long pause…many companies do not formally call out their values, sometimes they are implied and sometimes they are not very clear at all.

My personal core value is around fairness and being just.  This can often mean making hard decisions, but only because they are the right ones.

Due to the world we live in now, people’s values and general outlook on life may be changing.  I now appreciate even more:

  • the local shops and volunteers that are going out of their way to keep us safe. 
  • the time with my husband and kids.  This is the longest spell I have had at home in many years; therefore, not being able to travel for business has been a gift. 
  • The time for self and business reflection; what has gone well, what can be tried a different way and what can be done even better.
  • My team: resilient and understanding; I would trust them with my life.
  • My friends: we now face time instead of call, let us continue that.
  • The things we take for granted; I can go for a daily walk as I am fit enough to do so.  I live in a gorgeous part of the world and have discovered new walks to explore.

I never talk about what I am missing as with my glass half full (many evenings with a gin) attitude, I prefer to focus on what I am looking forward to.  I look forward to the economy returning and working with all our current and new clients and candidates.

As they say, this to shall pass and when it does I and the team at Identify HR will be ready.