National Relaxation Day

Posted 15/8/2019 by Denise Baxter


Here at Identify HQ we are following Forbes advice ( to mark National #RelaxationDay. 

The team have:

  • All had a shot of my favourite stress ball (Scottish Rugby Union one #SRU)
  • Discussed their 90-day plans to visualise where they want to be by 1st October and to discuss how far they have come so far.
  • Mediated using the #headspace app; amazing the benefit we all felt after a few focussed minutes on our breathing.
  • We also had a dance to some 80s cheesy pop which always makes us smile and feel good and the end result is a more relaxed, motivated version of ourselves
  • Finally, we had a laugh with each other doing all of this (yes, I got the stress ball thrown at me but I made some good catches!).

How do you ensure your employees are not stressed?  Do you have anything you introduce on a daily, weekly, monthly basis etc? 

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