Stepping out of your comfort zone

Posted 25/8/2019 by Denise Baxter

Today I literally stepped out of my comfort zone from a crane high in the beautiful blue Glasgow sky to zip wire across the River Clyde.  This was all to raise money for Strathcarron Hospice who so very lovingly cared for my Dad during the final days of his life.  The hospice is desperate for funds and I am pleased to say that I have raised over £300.  Should you wish to donate you can do this here.

To learn more about Strathcarron Hospice please click here.

Video proof

When I was walking round to the crane lost to my own thoughts, I knew that I would definitely do it even though it was a scary prospect.  My thinking was that so many people had put their trust in me, they had sponsored me, and I owed it to them and of course to Strathcarron.  For me, I did it in memory of my Dad, he would have loved to have seen me do something like this, in fact, he would have done it too.  Perhaps he did it with me today, who knows.

Once I “landed” and my legs stopped shaking I was tremendously proud of myself.  Who knows what you can achieve in life if you step out of your comfort zone.  It will be fun to find out.

  Denise and her Dad on her wedding day


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