Identify Referral Scheme

Posted 13/9/2019 by Denise Baxter


Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions Ltd (Identify) will pay a minimum £500 introduction bonus to anyone who introduces a job candidate who is subsequently employed via Identify as a result of that introduction, provided that all the terms of this policy are satisfied.

The bonus will be paid in two equal instalments: one when the new employee starts work and one upon successful completion of the new employee's probation period.

Only one introduction bonus will be paid for each new employee hired. If more than one eligible employee refers the same successful job applicant, the introduction bonus will be paid to the person whose name is submitted first in line with the procedure.

There is no limit on the number of referrals that you can make. However, any referral must be in connection with a specific vacancy.


The job candidate should attach to his/her CV a covering letter (or include on an email) that clearly states the name of the referring person employee and that the job application is being submitted under the recruitment referral bonus scheme.

Note: it is important that the person who has referred the candidate is mentioned as such in the initial correspondence from the job applicant. No retrospective recruitment referral applications can be accepted.


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