National Chocolate Day

Posted 28/10/2019 by Denise Baxter

As a family size box of sweet toothed, chocolate lovin’ fruit n nut cases, we simply couldn’t let ‘National Chocolate Day’ go by without giving it a mention.


We got to thinking about what it is about chocolate that puts everyone in such a Twirl.


Could chocolate teach us lovely humans anything?     Can we apply the rules of chocolate to our work?

Does chocolate indeed hold the key to the meaning of life?    

Firstly we need to take a look at what chocolate means to us all.   We kicked off by asking the girls in our Mull office a few questions:


  1. Name your favorite chocolate bar and explain why it is your favorite.
  • Den: M&M’s new peanut butter chocolate bar; I love peanut butter but my son is allergic to it so when I have it when he is not around it feels even more like a guilty pleasure. 
  • Kee: Cadbury Caramel, I love the texture
  • Lisa: Dairy Milk Oreo (combines my two favs!)
  • Joanne: Milky Bar – I absolutely love white chocolate! I craved these when pregnant with Aaron and had to have one on me at all times (He now loves them too!)



  1. What makes you decide to go and buy a bar of chocolate?
  • Den: I am an emotional eater; working on changing that.  Having young kids it is too easy to buy something for yourself if you are buying something for them.
  • Kee: I don’t need a reason
  • Lisa: You should always treat yourself 
  • Joanne: You need a reason? Chocolate is one of my favourite things.



  1. Describe the feeling you experience when tucking in to your favorite bar of chocolate.
  • Den: I love chocolate and good quality chocolate does feel like a little bit of luxury and sometimes escapism after a tough day.
  • Lisa: Pure pleasure 
  • Joanne: Contentment!



4. How do you feel immediately after taking the last bite of your chocolate bar?

  • Den: Being the honest type, I would have to say guilty, as I know it isn’t good for me!
  • Kee: Probably a bit sick
  • Lisa: Is there any more???
  • Joanne: Fulfilled. Maybe a bit sick depending on how much I have eaten….


So can we take anything from this?

Can we identify any association at all between what we have learned about chocolate and what we as a business stand for?


The answer is yes. The law of chocolate can be applied to many aspects of what we do.


  1. We have established that everyone has a different favorite chocolate bar.
    1. In the world of recruitment this rings true also. No one organization is the same, no one candidate is the same, no one size fits all, at Identify we excel at being able to judge exactly what a candidate’s favorite kind of organization might be and who an organizations favorite kind of candidate is. Makes for a great start for both sides.


  1. We have discovered that people have different reasons for going out to get a bar of chocolate but it is also clear that we do it when we feel we deserve a little treat.
    1. The same can be said about looking for a new role. We all have different reasons for why we might be looking for a new opportunity but what it boils down to in the end is that we want to enhance our lives and feel good about ourselves.   At Identify we realize that, we realize you want a role that you can thrive in, something that will make you look forward to getting out of bed and set off in the morning as if you were on your way to buy a delicious bar of chocolate.


  1. Our research has shown us that whilst munching on chocolate we feel gratification; enjoyment and good quality chocolate can make you feel as though you’re spoiling yourself a little.
    1. The right position within a great company can give you those feelings too and Identify only deal with great companies so again, all good news.


What possible insight can we take from the feeling we have when the chocolate bar has gone?

Again, our research shows that answers vary and it appears to be dependent on how much chocolate has been consumed.  Too much and it has a negative effect, the right amount and we feel fulfilled but there are occasions when it was so good that we just want more. We could say the exact same thing about the various workloads and roles that individuals deal with during their working days.

As HR Advisors and Specialists we work closely with recruiting managers and businesses and assist in writing job specifications to ensure that the roles we are working together to fill will give the successful candidate a sense of enthusiasm, fulfillment and the drive to do more. 

So there may be Snickers at our conclusion but we are Turkish Delighted to confirm (without having to Fudge the results) that we do not Flake it when we Wispa that the Topic of chocolate has Kinder laid the foundations that make Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions the best in the Galaxy.



Thank you for taking the Time Out to read our blog.


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