Who's Zoomin' Who?

I have this Aretha Franklin 1985 hit in my head all the time at the moment.  “Shall we pop on a zoom call?” is now the new norm.  We are constantly apologising for our wild hair on screen; I am definitely starting to resemble Kenny’s labradoodle more and more each day.  It has been really interesting to see how business has changed during this time. 

We have successfully placed 2 people during lockdown.  More details about one of them to follow on a later blog.  Both candidates and clients have had to adapt.  It is a big ask for a candidate to decide virtually that what they see on video is enough to commit their future career on without never stepping foot in the office.  For a client, it is the same in reverse, how do they decide that the person they see on video fits with their long-term strategy.

This led me to muse one day over about how many different video platforms I have been on during lockdown.  Because I am a sad, excel geek I decided to share with you an infographic on it!

The sites I have used are:

Zoom; by far the most popular one.   What did they do to become the most popular one during this time?  I need to do the background research on this to see what we can learn.  The quality tends to be good.  Downside is the 40 min restriction for group calls although they are giving unlimited time on occasion.  This is the platform of choice for family quiz night.

Whereby; one I admit I had never heard of before.  I would say this is my favourite because I love that you can customise the name of your “room”.  You can easily share your room details with people and there is no complex login etc, just click and join.  Aesthetically it also looks better than the rest.  I recommend this one to clients doing interviews for the easy access facility of it, it takes the stress factor out of candidates not being able to log on in time etc.  You can have 4 people in the room as part of their free basic package.

Skype; old school favourite.  Seems to be a popular choice amongst older candidates who have been using this one for years.  The quality tends to be quite good with all the usual features re sharing screens etc.

Microsoft Teams; I have been very impressed with this.  The video quality seems better and I have always had crystal clear audio.  Well done MS!

Google meet; I am an avid google fan but the quality hasn’t been the best of late.  Perhaps too popular and bandwidth stretched….she says trying to sound vaguely knowledgeable on the matter?!

WhatsApp; handy one for people who are contacts in your phone.  Have had some group calls on this too and pretty good results.

Facebook Messenger; Really had poor results with this one, people sound like robots.


The comments above are my personal observations and you may have had better or worse results.  I know a lot of this comes down to how good both parties’ internet or 4G signal is