Working from home - Display Screen Assessment

This isn’t an exciting topic, however, it is an important one, especially in the current climate.

I am sure there are many people out there working from home without adhering to The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations.  As we are all making do, with the kids, pets and laundry all demanding our attention.

However, it would be worthwhile taking 5 minutes out to read the DSE workstation checklist to see if you can make any tweaks to make your experience more comfortable until a more permanent solution can be considered. 

Most employers I have spoken to recently say that during lockdown production has not slipped and in fact in many cases has increased.  As lockdown eases, many HR departments will see an increase in the number of requests for homeworking.  There is a lot more to consider than desks and chairs i.e. how will you engage with your employees to ensure they still feel part of a team?  How will you look after their mental wellbeing?  How to you collaborate and track progress on milestones?  How will you conduct one to ones?  This list could go on….

If you haven’t thought about the wider implications of homeworking then perhaps an employee survey would be a good place to start.  There are many free options out there like survey monkey where all responses are anonymous but could help you shape your strategy going forward. 

I know many people are feeling anxious about returning to work but often don’t like to speak up, an anonymous survey could help you get the data you need to make some informed decisions.

Should you need any support in pulling this together feel free to connect with me