Managed Services

We live in a talent short world. There are many reasons for this, but thefact remains businesses are competing in the same shrinking pool for exceptional people.

Doing the same thing again and again will yield the same results. If your hiring process isn’t delivering it is time to take a more strategic and planned approach to recruiting.

Identify have successfully worked with clients, large and small, to build a Managed Service proposition to hire quickly, efficiently, hire against the wider business strategy and to reduce waste and failed hires.

Your Finance Director will love our budget planning, resource horizon scanning and asset allocation – no nasty surprises in the budget year!

Identify will:-

• Design a bespoke hiring framework and process for your hiring needs
• Work with you to plan your global hiring and resource needs
• Road maps and timetables with accountability and responsibilities
• Service level agreement to drive efficiencies
• Execute the go-to market plan
• Regular sit-downs and reviews of Work In Progress
• Ongoing horizon scanning in real-time
• Support your team with interview advice and expertise
• In-depth candidate feedback
• Produce management reporting and insightful data to help you define your job opportunities by needs analysis